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8848 is not only the height of Everest, it is also the obligation of the climber to abide all the rules and principles of the "eight thousand"

We were there, and this rule became ours. It has become a part of us and our business.


8848.in-create.online - a company that is not a newbie at a construction market

We are part of a construction corporation LVIV BUD, which has been operating in the Ukrainian development market since 2006 and specializes in the construction of multi-story buildings with sophisticated engineering and innovative technologies. For 14 years of its activity, the company LVIV BUD has successfully sold more than 30 commercial and residential properties. During this time, we have been repeatedly approached by construction contractors for assistance in creating complex design projects. That is how we felt the market need for 8848.in-create.online to emerge.

Today the company 8848.Repair – one of the successful areas of our business specializing in complex construction, which require construction teams with special qualifications and professionalism. In fact, it is our systematic approach and expertise in advanced building technologies and engineering, that inspired us to create our own 8848.Repair direction.


Our team

Top Professionals
for the best customers

Charanda Igor
The founder of the company
Sergey Yuzkov
Chobotar Vladimir
Manulak Valery
Chief Engineer
Zhuravsky Vyacheslav
Project Manager
Ruslan Zgoba
Electrician engineer
Igor Savchuk
HVAC engineer
Vladimir Sadovy
Head of Supply
Taras Marchuk
Supply manager
Vitaliy Gusarov
Project Manager
Olga Grebenyuk
Oleksandra Matviychuk
Engineer Estimate
Marina Salivonik
Sales Manager
Maria Yakubovich
Sales Manager
Eugene Zavalny
Tatiana Tkachuk
Elizabeth Livonchyk
Designer architect

Why will we become market leaders for sure?

Answer: experience and expertise

We are market experts with real-world experience and a wealth of practical skills.

Company creators and teams are some of the best pros in the construction market. We understand the intricacies of the real estate development business and know that one of the key customer requests is the ability to personally see and evaluate what they are about to buy, to get quality service on time. We set ourselves the task of reducing the possibility of unforeseen situations to zero.

That is why the priority of the activity is a very simple and honest pricing policy – a fixed price! AND DETERMINED WORK PERFORMANCE. You will know everything in advance. From the visual component of the repair that you will see with your own eyes in the show room and can live to “try” the interior to their desires and needs, assessing the quality of each element of the design project, to clearly stated terms of the style of your choice in your apartment. No unforeseen situation, because in a carefully (clearly) planned estimate, we describe all the processes, stages of repair work and materials used, including fasteners.

You pay only for the chosen repair option and only for m2 –
from $550.


Our principles

Honest relationships

You come to us 2 times: first - to choose a design and sign a contract, second - to receive your keys, and at this time your apartment is cleaned, the equipment is connected and working,
curtains hang and all drawers open.
You choose the design you like and pay only for the square meters we will repair. No surcharges during or after repair.

The priority of the activity is a very simple and fair pricing policy - fixed price! AND DETERMINED WORK PERFORMANCE. You will know everything in advance.
We have already built three (!) Ready apartments in the office at once.
You will be able to see and touch what your future flat looks like by 101%. Our showroom is the visual quintessence of our approach and high competence.
Our designers have collected 3 stylistic trends, wrapped them in a trendy design, and we're ready to present them to you. Each design project of an apartment from 8848.in-create.online is thorough crafted style, the basis of which is the most current trends in interior design.
A personal manager will help you to understand all the stages of work, which will be listed in your contract, and inform you about each stage of repair works.
All inclusive
The price is known in advance
Unique showroom
Trendy design
Convenience in everything


In our Instagram, only the most beautiful interiors

8848 Repair +380 95 000 88 48, +380 97 000 88 48, Info@8848.in-create.online
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