8848 Repair

Repair at a new height
3 showrooms in our office
1 year warranty
1 fixed price
Try on your new interior before making final decision
Fair and simple price. Repair of apartments, offices, hotels.

Our principles

Honest relationships

You come to us 2 times: first - to choose a design and sign a contract, second - to receive your keys, and at this time your apartment is cleaned, the equipment is connected and working,
curtains hang and all drawers open.
You choose the design you like and pay only for the square meters we will repair. No surcharges during or after repair.

The priority of the activity is a very simple and fair pricing policy - fixed price! AND DETERMINED WORK PERFORMANCE. You will know everything in advance.
We have already built three (!) Ready apartments in the office at once.
You will be able to see and touch what your future flat looks like by 101%. Our showroom is the visual quintessence of our approach and high competence.
Our designers have collected 3 stylistic trends, wrapped them in a trendy design, and we're ready to present them to you. Each design project of an apartment from 8848.in-create.online is thorough crafted style, the basis of which is the most current trends in interior design.
A personal manager will help you to understand all the stages of work, which will be listed in your contract, and inform you about each stage of repair works.
All inclusive
The price is known in advance
Unique showroom
Trendy design
Convenience in everything

We have something to show

What is a showroom?

Test drive a new car? The showroom is the same. Touch the kitchen of the future, run your hand along perfectly even walls, sit for 2 minutes in a comfortable chair. Here you will see everything - every detail. Here you will make a decision, feel individuality, choose something that will fully reflect your style and personal taste. You will be able to "try" the interior as it is in life, reflecting all your wishes and needs, by assessing the quality of each element of the design project.

Arrive for review
What is a showroom?

Stages of work

For us, repair is not chaos, it is clearly planned stages of work.

We are happy to answer any questions through any available communication sources.
Come and get acquainted!

Our showroom is a place where you will understand what your home will be like.

It will be easier to decide on the style of your apartment when you literally enter your apartment in our showroom.

A manager will help to calculate the cost of repair and rest assured that this cost will remain unchanged during the repair.

Your personal manager will inform you about how each stage of the repair works is going on. You don't have to worry about anything - you will know about everything.

We turn everything into turnkey repair: you get a clean apartment and good mood, when you cross the threshold of you flat.

To see the showroom
Choose a design
Sign in a contract
Stay tuned
Receive your keys

Our customers

in every meter

Satisfied customer
Private entrepreneurs

I always wanted a modern interior, I even tried to design everything myself in planner5d, then I considered the budget for materials for a long time. They did it on time, they met the budget, without any complaints. And these are the main criteria for me. And special thanks to the designer Sveta)

Reputation in every meter


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